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Honors Science Research
Instructor: Coyle   
Welcome to Methods of Science Research Honors!

During the three year course sequence, students become immersed in a particular area of science. They learn to read peer reviewed articles, create literature reviews, present articles. Ultimately the students will search for a mentor in a college or organization that will guide them through original summer experimental research. The summer research takes place in the summers between sophomore/junior and junior/senior years. Throughout the process the students keeps a lab journal and a portfolio of there work. They end of each year culminates in a Symposium where the students present their work. We follow the SUNY Albany Research in the High School program.

Mrs. Coyle's Science Research Class Announcements
Rutgers JSHS Awards- Congrats!
Excellence in Robotics 1st place: Jack Hyslop

Excellence in Engineering and Technology 1st Place: Jack Hyslop

ARDEC award for oral presenters: Jack Hyslop

Poster presenters: Kaitlyn Espiritu and Kengo Kuwama

Ocean County JSHS
Congrats to Emma Zhou for being accepted as a banquet presenter!
Nokia Bell Labs North Jersey Regional Science Fair Awards
1st Place Award: Engineering (top 22 out of 140 projects) Justin Wong
2nd Place Awards:
Behavioral Sciences: Nicholas H. Cohen
Chemistry and Material Science: Ahri Han
Engineering: JackHenry Hyslop
3rd Place Awards:
Animal Sciences: UnBi Kim
Biomedical Science: Lauren Kim
Environmental Science: Katherine N. Sung
Microbiology: Zemei(Emma) Zhou
Honorable Mention Award:
Bioinformatics: Kaitlyn Ann Espiritu
Karen Kranz Memorial Award: EmilyPress
NJIT Academic Fellowship- First Alternate for 4-year fellowship at NJIT: JustinWong
Air Force Award: Jack Henry Hyslop
Noah Vardy
North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society Chemistry Award: Ahri Han
David S. Young Memorial Award
(Physics and/or E
lectrical engineering):
Jack Henry Hyslop
Geoscience Awards-
The Association for Women Geoscientists:
Katherine N. Sung
Innovation Awards:
Ahri Han
The American Meteorological Society
Meteorology Award
KatherineN. Sung
The US Metric Association
Metric Award:
Noah Vardy
Mu Alpha Theta Awards
Mathematics Honor Society:
Zachary Lyandres
Naval Science Award:
Zachary Lyandres
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award:
Jack Henry Hyslop
Rutgers Student Award:
Kaitlyn Ann Espiritu
Bryant Lee
The NJ Chapter of the American Statistics Association:
Statistics 2nd Place Award:
Vivian Kim Tenafly High School
Statistics 3rd Place Award :
NicholasH Cohen Tenafly High School
Stockholm Junior Water Prizes
Ahri Han,
Katherine N. Sung
Congrats to Kaitlyn Espiritu for presenting at the American Junior Academy of Science in Boston!
Congrats to Jack Hyslop
Congrats to Jack Hyslop for being named a Semifinalist in the prestigious Regeneron STS (Formerly known as INTEL STS). This is the first time a Science Research student from Tenafly HS earned this recognition!!! Congratulations!!!
Congrats to Kaitlyn Espiritu
Congrats to Kaitlyn Espiritu for advancing to the National Academy of Sciences conference to take place in Boston. This is the first time a Science Research student from Tenafly High School has earned this recognition!
Congrats to Jack Hyslop for advancing to the Nationals for JSHS
I am happy to report that Science Research student, junior Jack Hyslop, has advanced to the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium after winning 1st Place Poster presenter at the Northern New Jersey Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at Rutgers University. Jack also won Best in Robotics project in the same competition.
He completed his project as part of our Science Research class and was mentored by Dr. Yi Guo of Stevens Institute of Technology. At the Nationals he will compete with the top students advancing from the fifty states.
The title of his project is "Design and Construction of a Biologically Inspired Robotic Fish".
Kailtyn Espiritu was recognized with 1st place in Ecology, Environmental & Earth Science I by the New Jersey Academy of Science
Congratulations to Science Research student junior Kailtyn Espiritu for recently being recognized with 1st place in Ecology, Environmental & Earth Science I by the New Jersey Academy of Science. She presented an oral presentation of her science research project to the 2016 Junior Academy Research Presentation. She now has the opportunity to be recognized at the national level.
Bryant, Kengo and Daniel win 2nd Place Outstanding Poster at UBP Symposium
Congratulations to Science Research students Bryant Lee (junior), Kengo Kuwama(junior) and Daniel Chung (sophomore) for achieving 2nd Place Outstanding Poster at the Urban Barcoding Project Symposium at Borough of Manhattan Community College in NYC. The title of their project was “Assessing the precision of lichens as index organisms of SO2 pollution”. They used Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis and other DNA barcoding techniques to answer their research question. Their poster along with those of other participants can be seen at:
Caroline Bucca publishes an article in Curious Science Writers
Congratulations to senior Caroline Bucca who’s article was published in the Curious Science Writers website! The topic is “convergence insufficiency, a disease that causes affected people to see double images”. Here is the link:
2015 SIEMENS Semifinalists -Congratulations!!!
Congratulations to Science Research students, juniors Kaitlyn Espiritu and Bryant Lee! They are Semifinalists in the 2015 Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, a nationwide competition! They are among 16 Semifinalists in the State of New Jersey. This is the first time that THS science research students have achieved this prestigious recognition.
The recognition is for their project titled "Assessment of Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution in Central Park through DNA Barcoding of Key Indicator Lichen Specimens" that Kaitlyn Espiritu, Bryant Lee and teammate, junior Kangmin Shin performed as part of our Science Research course. Congratulations to all! They did original experimental research including performing DNA extractions, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and electrophoresis followed by DNA sequencing to achieve their research aims. The experimental work was performed at Cold Spring Harbor Harlem DNA Lab in NYC. We also thank Dr. Antonia Florio of Harlem DNA Lab, and Ms. Carol Pastushok for their guidance.
Congrats for a great year 2014-15!!!!
Our class has done amazing work! Every student submitted research work to at least one competition.
Congrats to all!!! The following students of our class received awards from competitions including!
Natalie Garbowski, Semifinalist Young Naturalist, 3rd place Category NJRSF, Stockholm Water Prize
Jessica Schenkman, 2nd Place Category NJRSF, Geoscience Award, Women Geoscience Award
Caroline Bucca, 3rd place Cancer Research Award, NJRSF, Honorable Mention Cancer Research
Aly Hudson, Yale Award, Rutgers Student Choice Award NJRSF, Poster Finalist at MJSS
​Jack Hyslop and Gideon Abramowicz team, Finalists at NYU-TCS competition
Kang-Min Shin, Kaitlyn Espiritu, Bryant Lee, Meteorology Award, NJRSF
Congratulations Science Research 2013-14!!!!!
Great job at NJRSF INTEL ISEF!!!!
INTEL ISEF trip Alternate (2nd of two): Masaharu Ono
INTEL ISEF Symposium Finalist: Masaharu Ono
1st Place Category, Cancer Research: Masaharu Ono
Honorable Mention Category, Physics: Christina Migliore
U.S. Office of Naval Research Award: Jiyoun (Jennifer) Ha
Innovation Award: Masaharu Ono
American Meteorological Society Award: Hayley Austin
Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Malcolm LeClair
Association for Women Geoscientists Award: Jessica Schenkman
Rutgers Student Award for Excellence: Jiyoun (Jennifer) Ha
Also, accepted and presenting at the event were Jenny Ni, Natalie Garbowski and Jonathan Roman and they received certificates of participation for their accomplishment.
2nd Annual Science Research Honors Symposium

Tenafly High School

2nd Annual Science Research Honors Symposium
Wednesday, May 21st 2014
Location: Tenafly High School Auditorium
Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Michael Tuts
Professor, Columbia University
US ATLAS Research Program Manager
Title: "The Discovery of the Higgs Boson:
Latest Results
from the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider"

Past Activities of AP Physics C and Science Research students
Students in AP Physics C and Science research Honors Recently participated in three enriching experiences:

a) November 27th-AP Physics C students and Science research students attend a field trip to Stryker Corporation where they attended presentations by engineers and scienctists about the research and development of artificial orthopeadic implants and they experienced first hand the manufacturing process of artificial knees and hips.

b) November 13th- Professor Irina Sekerina of CUNY presented her research work on "Eye Tracking" to Science Research students.

c) November 10th- Science Research and AP Physics students attend a lecture by Prof. Frederik Simons of Princeton University (Weighing the Earth from Spaceand Listening tro Earthquakes from With the Oceans) and Prof. Andrew Baker of Rutgers University (Dusty Galaxies and Putting the Physics in Astrophysics). Students also visited the observatory at BCC.

Rockefeller University Holiday Lecture
The Rockefeller University Holiday Lecture information can be found in this link:

 Summer Assignment
This folder contains the summer assignment files for entering sophomores, junior and seniors
 A Precision Measurement of the Mass of the Top Quark - Article Presentation.pptx
This is a sample presentation of a peer reviewed article.
 Articles About Higgs Boson.docx
News articles about the Higgs Boson written for general audiences
NJRSF INTEL ISEF 2014Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014

1st Science Research SympPosted: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Science Reseach June 2013Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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